Disclosure Packet

The Horizons Village Property Association (HVPOA) Disclosure Packet is provided to prospective lot owners in accordance with Virginia state regulations. The disclosure packet includes the following documents:

  • Virginia Property Owners’ Association Disclosure Packet Notice and Content Requirements
  • Disclosure Packet Notice and Disclosure Packet Receipt
  • Important Information Regarding Your Lot at Horizons Village*
  • HVPOA Financial Assets and Liabilities*
  • HVPOA Budget*
  • HVPOA Covenants
  • HVPOA Bylaws
  • HVPOA Polices
  • HVPOA Site Review and Procedures
  • HVPOA Complaint Procedure
  • HVPOA Articles of Incorporation
  • HVPOA State Corporation Commission Certificate
  • HVPOA Application to Virginia Common Interest Community Board
  • HVPOA Virginia Common Interest Community Board Association Membership
  • HVPOA Board Meeting Minutes*

*Available upon request. Please email the HVPOA Secretary at horizons.village@gmail.com.